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Home Baking with Melinda's GF

I love home baking. There's something great about fresh oven baked scones, bread and other yummy treats that reminds you of childhood.

I'm sure we have all loved licking the bowl out. The best part of baking a cake is eating the left over mix. It was something we fought over as kiddos.

So, taking time out to bake every now and again is something I love to do. I love to get creative in the kitchen; trying new things. It's something I've done since childhood.

These days, my go-to is to bake scones. They're super quick and easy to make. Plus, I can add a plethora of ingredients to jazz them up.

However, while baking my usual goodies, I decided to try Melinda's GF Goodies. The creator, Melinda, is a nutritionist who has created ready mixes that are healthier options to most home-baked treats. From brownies to bread, they're FODMAP-friendly and offer guidance on what to substitute to make them vegan friendly.

Friends have loved the treats and I've loved trying them. They're also super convenient for mums who are on the go.

If you're into baking, you can check out Melinda's GF goodies here: https://www.melindasgfg.com/

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